Vision & Mission


Endeavoring to become the preferred one-stop solutions partner for any and all automotive service needs.


Our goal is two-fold: Firstly, we wish to work towards organizing the mostly unorganized automotive servicing industry. And secondly, through this, we hope to minimize the hassles that users face due to vehicle malfunction or breakdown by providing seamless last-mile service delivery.

We endeavor to achieve these twin goals through:

  • Developing a deep cross-geography network of dealers, mechanics and various companies in this sector to ensure that any automotive repair requirements could be serviced within 30 minutes at the desired location.

  • Investing in technology to deliver seamless and intuitive experience, making it easy for customers to raise requirement for repairs.

  • Fostering the attitude of preventive care of automobiles among users to minimize the risk of un-anticipated vehicle breakdowns or accidents

  • Uplifting the lives of mechanics who provide auto-repair services and give them a respectful identity through formalizing their units under the aegis of our brand

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Our Cultures & Values

While we work towards revolutionizing the automotive repairs market in India, there are certain values that we hold dear to us that we consider to be the engine of our journey so far and into the future.


Building Trust

Our endeavor shall remain to perpetually grow the trust that various stakeholders that we touch through our business repose in us.


No Compromise on Quality

We will always offer the best-in-class automobile parts whenever required, and also hope to adhere to the best practices and standards when it comes to offering vehicle maintenance and repairing services.



We value our customers’ time and are committed towards ensuring time-bound completion of every promised service as required by our customers.

Our Story

our story

Can pure, absolutely mad passion be a better catalyst for success than formal, structured training? It might seem difficult, but that is exactly the story behind KwikFix Auto.

Back in 2013, Ravi and Manshi, both like minded individuals and professionals having extensive experience in the financial sector, decided to set up a venture which they thought they were best positioned for, thanks to their academic background, only to see it fall apart very quickly. Surely an ego dampener for the first-time entrepreneurs, but not enough to let their animal spirits die.

A year later, they were back, in a different, much less glamorous, much smaller, and much humbler business – they set up a tyre shop – nearly out of capital and riding purely on their enthusiasm for automobiles.

And this time, things clicked differently. Working in the tyre shop, with a small team of five, they spent nearly 12 hours every day together. But then, those were hours of tough work – they were attending to a daily growing list of customers, who had begun to develop a growing sense of loyalty for their services.

In fact, the customers were getting increasingly demanding – they wanted ‘Kwik Fix’es for other problems as well, be it battery changes, emergency help, painting, and so on and so forth. That is when the tyre shop began to evolve into a full-fledged automobile servicing hub. Through various third-party partnerships with dealers, Kwik Fix slowly expanded its range of services to include detailing, denting, car servicing, car accessories, car insurance, car buying and selling, and so on.

However, one afternoon, the ‘Kwik Fix’ers were helpless. Ravi got a call from one of his customer’s referrals whose premium German-make car with Run Flat tyres had a puncture. The car owner, a Vice President at one of India’s leading media companies, was talking to him with the hope that they could get his car up and running soon, like they usually promised. But then, they weren’t equipped to handle tyre replacement for RFTtyres. The car had to be towed for 3 days to the service station for the needful to be done – even if the actual solution took only an hour to execute.

What We Do

If you feel hungry, you can order food on a food delivery app and within 30 minutes, the food will be delivered at your doorstep. How convenient, isn’t it? Even to buy prescription medicines, these days, you no longer have to visit a pharmacist. And if you are running out on groceries, you can get them delivered within 10 minutes.

But what if you are on the road and your car develops a snag? You need to get it towed to the nearest service center, where it would take a few hours before you could get your car repaired. And that’s the bare minimum we are talking about. And even then, you’d lose almost half a working day merely to get your car attended to, if you were traveling to office by it.

And this is where the KwikFix service delivery comes in – we make automotive repairs as hassle-free as ordering a pizza.

our story
our story

By placing a service request, you can expect one of our affiliated technicians to arrive at your stated location, conduct the necessary inspections, and get your vehicle operation-ready. By the time you reach out to a nearby pizzeria and finish having a pizza.

We will be providing top class services and products related to your car at the most competitive prices. You can rely on us as the go-to brand for all products like tyres, batteries, accessories, their fitting and also services like car spa, cleaning, denting, painting and various other car treatments etc. And if you choose to, we would happily help in getting your vehicle to the service station to get the maintenance works done and bring the fully-serviced vehicle back to your home. Our experience and network in various areas in Mumbai helps us to give you warranties on our products and services and assured service satisfaction.